Kids these days! They have no idea. That is what we're talking about this Superhero Friday! That and so much more, like how important it is to stop and smell the colors…and take care of your health.

In This Episode

  • Stop and smell the colors!
  • Star Trek: Discovery, The Orville
  • Ad hoc TV viewing
  • Staying healthy
  • How Turmeric and Coconut Oil are good for us
  • What the Health?!

Fall Workouts

I am the master of avoiding the gym. There is nothing appealing to me about getting on a machine and sweating it out inside… or lifting weights in front of a mirror. I will do everything I can to workout outdoors. For almost 15 years, my go-to was running! I ran 4-6 miles a day, 5x a week. I never needed anything else. But as many know, I have been unable to run much anymore because of bad knees. It took a little over two years to fully transition off of running to something else that I could really throw myself into the way I was able to with running, and I've finally discovered it: jumping rope.

If you want to get a KILLER full body workout wherever you are, I highly recommend jumping rope. It is one of the best core workouts I've ever done. It tones muscles and is a great mechanism for weight loss. It is not good for building muscle, but for staying lean it has done wonders for me.

Since transitioning from running, however, I've discovered a need to be more versatile with my workout regimen. I do jump rope 3-4 times a week, but I often pair it with playing basketball or going for a walk. Other days of the week I will do yoga or do leg-centric 20-minute exercises (i.e. squat routines). I used to be super into P90X and incorporate a lot of the cardio and Kenpo routines into my living-room workouts (it does rain here from time to time).

The hardest time of year to workout is in January when it is 12 below zero and the roads are pure ice. The Frozen Tundra is no joke! I end up returning to P90X workouts during the coldest months of the year.

The hardest part with any workout is finding something that works for you. I can recommend anything, but our bodies are all different. Saving our health, like Brian and Camron talk about in this episode, is relative to everyone and it's important to not just do what everyone else does, but really pay attention to what your body likes and doesn't like. There are some foods that make us feel sluggish or lethargic and there are some foods that invigorate us… which may have the exact opposite effect on someone else.

Do you workout at home? What is your workout of choice? What sorts of things do you do in the middle of winter when you can't go outside? Let us know in the comments!


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