In this special interview installment of The Real Brian Show, we have the privilege of speaking with Dr. Daphne Scott. We know of Dr. Scott from her podcast, EIM's Inside Leadership Podcast, but there are a host of reasons she is this week's guest! From physical therapist to corporate coach, Dr. Scott brings two decades of experience to help her clients and listeners achieve success through relationship building and creativity!

In This Episode

  • Welcome, Daphne!
  • Where have you come from, where did you go?
  • Training with the Second City Improvisational Conservatory Program
  • Bad at leadership led Daphne into a deep dive of the subject
  • A coach is often cast as a hero
  • Brain challenges standing in our way to ultimate success

Character Traits

When considering a job or a position with responsibilities, there are certain character traits that necessarily go along with it. Often, I think we confuse character traits and skills; where a character trait may be “resourceful”, it's skill counterpart may be “proactive”. Really, the first thought that came to mind when thinking about this is the difference between being disciplined and detail-oriented. Character traits are fascinating because the same type of trait is never the same between two people. We are all so unique that we apply and carry out our traits in very different ways.

One of the points Dr. Scott makes in this interview is the fact that there are some traits, particularly around leadership, that can be learned.Just because someone is naturally bossy or naturally good at delegating doesn't make them a great leader. That boldness is a great trait to have, but unless the skills of leadership are applied, the trait of being a leader falls short of what it can be.

So listen in! Dr. Scott points out two essential character traits for leaders which are not only learnable, but unequivocally achievable. If you've ever doubted your ability to overcome some perceived vacuity, Dr. Scott will be able to encourage you to be empowered and seek after the tools that can help you build up those traits.


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