Thank God it's Friday! The Nightfox is back from his trip to Las Vegas and while he waits to hear updates on his niece, he joined Brian behind the mic for this week's Superhero Friday installment. If you've been looking for a Monday episode recently, you're not alone. Due to busy summer schedules and real life stuff, Monday episodes have been on a little hiatus.

In This Episode

  • Hurricane Harvey & how to help
  • The Nightfox got a mattress recommendation… Casper Wave
  • Reading about healthy living… and the advantages of drinking water
  • Marvel's Defenders: We like it
  • Star Wars Clone Wars: Finally finished!
  • The trip to Vegas
  • Know how much Brian likes country music?

Like a Hurricane

Hurricane Harvey left billions of dollars in damages in his enormous wake. There are relief efforts going on all across the nation and there are many, many ways for you to contribute. On Monday (August 28), JJ Watt (DE for the Houston Texans) started a relief fund to help the community he serves and plays for. In just four days, his foundation has raised nearly $10 million from nearly 90k donors. Watt and his teammates are back in Houston now delivering much needed supplies to the most devastated areas of their community and it's very clear that when you contribute to this fund, the money is going directly to relief efforts.

To learn more and contribute, or share if you are unable to contribute financially, please visit JJ Watt's YouCaring website.

Marvel's Defenders

What have you been watching lately? Even though the Nightfox doesn't have time for such frivolous things as binge-watching Netflix, Brian and I have been making our way through Defenders. As I've gotten more into reading comics over the last two years, I wholly believe that the more I know about the comics world, the less I enjoy any adaptation of those characters. I've been immersed in the Rebirth world for a year now, getting to know characters all across the spectrum, and their small screen (or big screen) counterparts are definitely lacking something.

All that to say, I also really enjoyed Defenders. There was a lot of build up, but the reluctant team who joins together over a common enemy is one of my favorite types of stories. Aside from Danny Rand perhaps (Iron Fist), the other three are very much the “I work alone” types. The dynamic between them all shifts constantly and the enemy's plans, though fairly grandiose and reminiscent of Arrow Season 3 in some ways posed a legit threat. Casting was well done, CGI was a little obvious, but on the whole there were great fight sequences with very little gratuitous violence.

Photo by Gabriele Diwald on Unsplash

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