While The Nightfox tends to a family emergency in the city that never sleeps, Captain Influence joins The Real Brian for this installment of The Real Brian Show! That means… Happy Superhero Friday! Lots happened in the world this week, including the eclipse which stretched across the United States and Netflix's release of Marvel's Defenders. Also on the agenda are some tidbits about healthy eating, the data backup software Crashplan, and talking about how annoying it is when gaming feels like work.

In This Episode

  • The Eclipse happened
  • Gaming: fun vs work
  • TV: Marvel's Defenders
  • Movies: The Dark Tower
  • Crashplan (data backup) is going away
  • Coffee roaster is toast

Out of Coffee

Since Brian's coffee roaster died, I received a nice big bag of coffee beans from a local Colorado roaster called Beagle, which I must say is quite fantastic. The building in which the company I work for rents space is also home to a coffee roaster, here in Minnesota, and  that process is a quite deceiving. Based on the end result, you'd expect that the whole roasting process would release luscious, intoxicatingly seductive scents. But it doesn't. I've gotten used to it now, but it kind of smells like burning wet hay.


Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash

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