In this installment of Anything Goes, the creative and lively Megan joins Brian and Nightfox! We quickly dub Morgan with a proper super hero name and learn that she is all about justice, but will also fight dirty. And thus, Shear Terror is born! So from prank calls to haircuts, we're just a couple of friends sitting around and having a conversation….asking you to come along for the ride! Along the way we definitely provide you with 13 reasons Morgan belongs on this podcast.

In This Episode

  • Welcome…. SHEAR TERROR!
  • A packed studio!
  • Prank calls…
  • Creating art through cutting hair
  • Tattoos
  • Grown-ups are boring… do your stuff and don't get boring
  • Johnny Depp is moving to Fort Collins, CO
  • Gaming stresses some out. Except Mario Kart. Maybe.
  • Hairdressing techniques
  • Nostalgic triggers! Orange Julius-like breakfast shake


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