Whether the struggle and pain we face manifests itself in a visible physical ailment, or it is something less obvious, simply not talking about it doesn't make it not real or not prevalent. The topic brought forward for discussion in this installment of the Real Brian Show addresses the idea that in order to be a genuine leader, you must be willing to be vulnerable with weakness. In other words, you must walk with a limp.

Never trust a leader who doesn't walk with a limp.
Dr. J. Robert Clinton

The most populate teaching method is using illustrations. Political leaders do it, religious leaders do it, motivational leaders do it. It's the easiest way to relate complex idealisms in an accessible way. So by default, people are primed and ready to be taught through illustrations. Sometimes it is most impactful to tell stories about people you've encountered who overcame incredible obstacles or accomplished impossible feats because it describes something far outside what you'd ever experience. But pain and struggle is unique and relative to each person.

In leadership, this becomes particularly important because a leader is someone who commands or moves someone else (or a group of people) forward. Being in that position, then, requires trust from the people you are taking charge of. Whether you are leading a troupe of soldiers, leading a horse by his reigns, or leading a discussion about a sensitive topic, the people (or horse) who are looking to you must be able to trust you in order for the outcome to yield positive results. It seems kinda straightforward, right?

Many times it seems that we don't want people to see our limps because it'll too greatly expose our weaknesses. Being honest about our limp(s) requires a great deal of vulnerability and confidence, but talking about it and being up front with it doesn't make us weak… it makes us trust worthy because it reveals the genuineness of human nature. Nobody is perfect, so pretending like we are doesn't make us perfect, it makes us a fraud.

So don't be a fraud! Look to the leaders you respect most and do a little inventory of what it is they do best and how they are able to influence (or make an impact) your life. How is their vulnerability, humility and transparency inspiring to you?

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