Please give a proper Superhero Friday welcome to this week's guest, The Nightfox (aka Camron)! He jumps right in with Brian and they chat about the new format of The Real Brian Show, about gaming, and about how Starbuck's unicorn frap sold out the first day. With a new host comes a new slew of favorites-of-the-week, including a couple videos which you will find links to at the bottom of this blog post.

In This Episode

  • It's STAR WARS WEEK! (Yesterday was Star Wars Day)
  • Wind, wind, wind. And unicorn frappuccinos.
  • Recommended YouTube watching: Wax Audio and Awaken with JP
  • Game until your eyes bleed
  • Fate of the Furious
  • Now Watching: Stranger Things and Freaks and Geeks

Reinforcement Count

It was a fantastic treat to have The Nightfox on The Real Brian Show for Star Wars week! As this show continuously attempts to be more interactive, talking with you guys as well as any special guests we have on the show, we want to make sure you know this communication goes two ways. If you're looking for a way to start talking with us, maybe you can provide the first hack of the week!

What's a hack of the week? You know, like a lifehack or a carhack or a shoehack… something you unlock in a way no one else has unlocked it before. Or maybe it's just an incredible thing you learned about the right way to do something (instead of the hard way).

In fact, don't stop at just hacks. We like to know what is unique about this week, so whatever is most at the forefront of your mind, whatever you've been hooked on this week, be it food or drink or a YouTube video, we want to know! Email us, or leave a comment in the blog!

The Dreaded YouTube Rabbit Trail

It's Star Wars Week! While Brian and The Nightfox geek out about Star Wars and video games, I'm going to take you on a guided YouTube rabbit trail. I still find it fascinating how YouTube can suck me in. It draws me into this completely separate world. In a bizarre six-degrees of separation, I find myself nowhere near where I started. Or perhaps relatively near, but in a dark corner of the YouTube world I never realized existed. There are sub communities within sub communities.

It started with a simple YouTube search. I wanted to watch the Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer because my brother-in-law told me about a line that Luke speaks which I totally missed. So I click on the trailer that has 37 million+ views, right? I hear the line, and then see the title of a video that will break down all of the Easter Eggs in the trailer. The trailer is 2.5 minutes long and this Easter Egg video? It's like 18 minutes long. But I watch it anyway.

First of all, wow. That easter egg video was incredibly interesting. Second, I love nerds. I love these kinds of videos people make about breaking things down or explaining things that are comic book or fantasy related because they talk fast. They don't waste time, they talk as fast as they can and still be coherent. They don't wait to make sure you're absorbing information or insert unnecessary process. They just go. I love that. Which is why I clicked on the easter egg/trailer breakdown of Thor: Ragnarok. After that even longer breakdown video, I clicked on a comedic trailer for Thor (seriously, skip to :40 and watch like 20 seconds).

From there I went to Captain America: Civil War bloopers (videos which I firmly believe are more interesting to those involved with shooting than anyone else). Then to Top 10 Actors Who Quit their jobs at the worst possible times. And THIS video answered my questions about why no Keanu Reeves in Speed 2. After learning some facts I have nowhere to file, I clicked on a video with a picture of Chris Evans, which turned out to be 10 movie effects so good, you couldn't tell they were fake. (Star Wars, who?)

After about 3 more “10 things you never knew” sort of videos, I landed on this one: San Andreas without the special effects looks ridiculous. And this is where my story ends because it was finally at this point when I realized just how hollow and empty all these things were I'd been watching for like two hours. From easter eggs to how realistic CGI is, it took all this time for me to remember that it is all just a production. None of this is real! Like any proverbial piece of art, I'm spending my time watching things that are crafted in order to provoke a response. If you're looking for anything to buzzkill your YouTube rabbit trail, keep this last video about San Andreas handy. I landed firmly back on solid ground, shut my computer, and went to sleep.


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