Join us in welcoming Mishael Morgan to The Real Brian Show! If she looks familiar, you need go no further than the Total Recall reboot or shows like Supernatural, Beauty and Beast, and Covert Affairs. Currently, Mishael stars as Hilary (Curtis) Hamilton on The Young and Restless. In this fantastic interview, we hear the incredible story of Mishael's recovery after breaking a neck bone and how her journey as an actor and artist has changed her life in so many ways.

In This Episode

  • Meet Mishael!
  • Early goals, changing plans
  • Serious injury and overcoming it
  • Life changes as an artist
  • Expectations going in different from the results of acting
  • Mishael drops some great advice!

Mishael Morgan

Two weeks ago we heard from Mishael's associate, Andrea Drepaul, who were both introduced to Brian through author Lee Stephen. Andrea and Mishael joined forces to work on their project, The Awakening. Early in life, acting wasn't even on her radar, but in this interview you'll get to hear how a broken back and an influential high school drama teacher transformed her ambitions to become a lawyer into something else. It's a great story about having goals or desires that simmer on the back burner and eventually become necessary to confront and take seriously.

Positive Thinking

We talk a lot about mindset on this show. Mindset and attitude. A couple weeks ago I wrote a bit about how the inner life influences the outer life; what we put into our minds and bodies will eventually reveal itself on the outside, and also how we allow ourselves to think about the world and ourselves affects the way we behave. One aspect of this we often overlook, myself included, is the fact that positive thinking doesn't always mean making less out of a troubling situation.

External influences, i.e. other people speaking into our lives, affect our inner mindset whether we want to admit it or not. Did you know that a significant physiological aspect to balance is a system in our inner ear? The eyes, the ears, and our sense of space play important factors into allowing us maintain our balance. Sensory information we collect naturally through the incredible automated processes in our body is sent to the brain so that it can respond to other actions propagated by the muscles and nervous system. I find this detail fascinating because it makes a figurative concept nearly literal, in that what we hear can affect our fundamental processes. It's not just a metaphor, it's really happening.

If what we hear is affecting our balance, both literally or figuratively, we take precautions to protect ourselves. It isn't good enough to suppress what we're hearing or run away from what is happening, we've got to take even the most troubling circumstances and understand what value we can derive from what can be considered constructive and discard what was destructive. It's not easy, in fact it may be one of the most difficult inner struggles we could possibly undertake, but it is a cognitive practice that strengthens us the more we use it.


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