Meet Mabel! Author, speaker, self-proclaimed inspirational junkie. On the road of self-development, there is one vital truth: if your attitude is right, you will succeed. Mabel has an incredible story about her journey through self-development and the transformation it made in her life.

In This Episode

  • Welcome Mabel!
  • Tell us your story…
  • Attitude of missing something in life and “grass is greener” mentality
  • Filled with negativity, guilt, shame
  • Epiphany!
  • Holistic approach to healing


If I want to get better, I have to get real.

The hardest part about getting better is simply asking for help. In order to avoid asking, we often do things that, intentionally or unintentionally, put us in the viewing frame of someone who knows how to help us. Meanwhile, we're overwhelmed with the feeling that people around us are more interested in fixing a problem versus healing a person. When help comes in a wrong form, we react poorly, reject it, and it validates our anger.

No one can take the first step toward self-development, toward healing, but the person who needs it. Others can guide us, make suggestions, and offer advice until the cows come home, but ultimately it is a choice of the person who needs healing to take that first step toward accepting help.

Self-development is one of the most grueling, and rewarding, processes a human being can experience… and no one experiences the same process as someone else. Part of the process, for me, over the last couple years is to limit instantaneous reactions to comments people make and first try to figure out what they meant before reacting emotionally. Usually I can do this through asking them directly, but if that isn't possible, then sometimes it will take the form of sitting quietly and reflecting on that person as a whole, trying to understand the context and motivation behind the comment.

The process can be as vague or as granular as you want it to be, but they key to self-development is identifying what it is in our life that is causing us to live “broken”. In Mabel's case, her self-worth was derived from her physical appearance, and her attitude and mentality was wrapped up in that. Removing our talons from what we perceive our self worth to be and redirecting it to where our worth actually comes from requires an attitude shift. And when your attitude is right, anything is possible!


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Photo credit: Denys Nevozhai

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