In this installment of The Real Brian Show, we welcome author, speaker, and entrepreneur Cardiff D. Hall. His book, Tide Turners, was just published in January! We're so excited to share this interview with you not just because Cardiff is a gifted storyteller, but because of how encouraging and inspirational his experience is. After you've listened to the interview, please check out his website and, perhaps, buy his book!

In This Episode

  • Welcome, Cardiff!
  • Where did it all begin?
  • A change of perspective in order to take control
  • Time Turners & taking action!
  • Passing on what he's learned
  • Being of value to others

Take Control

Those of us who don't run our own business have likely had the nightmare, literally or figuratively, where we are unceremoniously fired from our job. Perhaps the reason, in our nightmare, is a self-concocted, far-stretching reason, or perhaps there is no reason at all. We sign that employment contract and promising to give over 40+ hours of our life to a company that will, in turn, give us a bit of money to live on, and become beholden to that entity. Ideally, of course, that relationship isn't so bleak that we consider ourselves slaves to their system, but in capitalist America the bottom line is that business will trump relationship. To expect it another way is asking for pain.

This mentality has changed so much in the last fifty to a hundred years, hasn't it? Loyalty to companies isn't the same as it used to be, people aren't staying at companies as long as they used to. And, as such, companies have had to restructure some to account for higher turnover. It's not so much that we live in a constant state of uncertainty, rather that the unexpected can and will happen. How can you prepare for something you don't know is going to happen?

I enjoy interviews that help us explore different facets of mindset and attitude, because even though it's one of our favorite topics here at The Real Brian Show… there are so many discussions to be had. There are so many requirements from mindset. Being fired, for whatever reason, or encountering professional instability (translate for yourself if you're an entrepreneur!), can bring out the absolute worst in us. But developing habits that enable us to take action and take control of situations can help us react better when the upheavals come.

Yes. When they come. Because upheavals will come! Being prepared doesn't necessarily mean that it will make a bad situation better, but bad situations can feel a lot less worse when we have the right attitude and have trained ourselves to respond well even under stress. It's a process, and no one is perfect, but after this interview with Cardiff I expect you'll want to pick up his book!


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